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Lately, it seems, we've seen the end (or impending end) of many of our favorite fangers. It's a sad, sad night when any vampire meets The End, whether it's in a literary or television/film series (or anything else, for that matter). Some may posit that these endings mark the final passing of the pop vampire craze that swept the nation beginning with Twilight. They are wrong. Like the vampires we love, we will take once more to the shadows of pop culture, watching, waiting, until our time comes again. And it will.

As we wait, we are reminded that here in the shadows are where new vampires are born.  

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Little girls sure do grow up fast. In this case, however, growing up really is an infection and what she turns into...well let's just say I don't want it coming to a farm near me! The only good thing I can say about May is that it brings Skinner and Pearl back together, at least for a little while. Sweet pulls off the whole tortured vampire guy with more grace and better hair than Edward or Beehl (Bill Compton) and there's just something about Pearl.... Will the combination be enough to identify and defeat the mysterious Grey Trader and whoever is pulling his strings. Only time will tell.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE is an outstanding comic book/graphic novel created by Scott Synder, & Stephen King. The amazingly adroit art of Rafael Albuquerque and others bring the stories and characters to life in the tradition of great comic books of the past. If you thought the first 41 books were great (I did), AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SECOND CYLCE revs the excitement engine even more. It's a great place to start or return to this fantastic series.


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