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Odd Ponderings

Recently, I started journaling. Even downloaded a special app just for journaling. It supposedly makes journalling as easy as tweeting, which, frankly I'm not doing much of these days. I guess that means I micro-journal more than I micro-blog though the micro-journal is private just for me and I have like two dozen Twitter accounts for various purposes. And that doesn't include the assortment of blogs and accounts on sites like this. Which raises the question: why? 

Einstein, cluttered desk

I don't really need this many spaces for self-expression. In fact, I would probably do far better with my writing and other creative endeavors if I restricted the places where I posted them. But I would probably lose a good portion of what I created in the past not to mention a fair number of friends who swear by a single platform or two. Yes, some of my friends are smarter than I am. Or, perhaps, just less technologically flexible. Since I am adaptable I seem to hop sites with amazing ease and frequency. Again, I'm not sure it's a good thing, for me or anyone else.

This summer, astrologically speaking is a period of discovering and refocusing one's Life Purpose. If mine is, as I hope, writing, it would seem logical that I need to tighten the controls and get down to the hard stuff: writing consistently and in large quantities. That means not getting distracted and that probably guessed it: paring down the number of sites and networks I am active on. In other words: this is going to hurt because there are things and people I like about each of the spaces I utilize. I have to admit and accept that I can't do it all, all the time, even if I wanted to. And I don't really want to.

I'm starting the purge on Facebook. If I haven't spoken with someone in the last year, chances are I'm going to unfriend them soon. That includes family. The way I see it is that if someone hasn't said anything to me, even after my brother's passing, I really don't need you in my life because you obviously aren't interested in mine. I have an author Page set up and that's where I will push them. I can use it for building up my markets and audiences. I don't need to pretend to like people who don't even try to pretend to like me. I'm also going to start filtering and hiding more things, especially the stuff that annoys me or I don't agree with. Not all of it. I love a good debate. But the folks who flood my news feed regularly or intermittently with beliefs and options I don't share will be muted. They can say what they like. I'm just too busy to wade through all of it.

Once I have Facebook cleaned up I'll start consolidating other sights and characters. Content from those I haven't used will be moved or archived, though in all honesty I probably won't be deleting any because you never know when I may want to pick them up again. Those that remain active will be getting something of makeover. Some may be repurposed. Some may just be tidied up. There is a method to this as I am planning to learn and showcase so new skills as well as collect some of my story lines and unify my characters (some have wandered way out in left field, I need to bring them back in). 

If none of this made any sense to you, don't worry. It was mostly a ramble for me. You were just silly enough to come along for the ride. Hope you enjoyed it. 
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i always enjoy your rides... i mean... what?
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You know I did :)
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Dont. you. dare. replies on the morrow.