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The things I do for my friends. *sighs*

I really want a friend to finish a book she's working on. (No, I am not my friend. She's a totally different person and not one living in my head, either.) It's a great idea for a book, she's a wonderful writer and I think finishing it will be very therapeutic for her. So far, so good, right?


*cues the theme to Jaws*

So of course, this is where things start to get...challenging. To say the least.

She's one of those writers who needs external motivation to stay on track. That's right, she needs deadlines set by other people, with other people holding her accountable. 

*I enter, stage right*

I'm another person. I've even been a professional editor. And I am totally convinced the idea she has will be her breakthrough work as well as being totally cathartic. That is, it will be as long as she finishes it by the end of 2014. Are you still hearing Jaws music? I am.

Anyway, being me, and with the best of intentions, we struck a deal. She'll finish her book before Yule. And I'll finish a book of her choice during the same time. I know, stupid of me. I have books in progress that I really should finish. But she doesn't think any of them will really put me on the profitable map. She's convinced, for reasons I don't really understand, that I need to be writing racy romance. And not just any racy romance. She's pushing me to write for Ellora's Cave. in other words: erotic romance. I'm just not sure I want to. Heck, even if I did want to, I'm not sure I can.

*dramatic sigh*

It gets worse, impossible as that might be to believe. It turns out EC has a call for submissions out. Actually, there are three. One of them is for Screamers which are stories about things that go bump in the night, because, let's face it, who doesn't like some lust with their blood and mayhem? Maybe. I've been struggling all week to wrap my head around what a horror romance is. And I still don't know. Which makes it really hard to come up with a BIG IDEA for a book that I need to have an ugly draft of by the middle of November. So I should probably get to work.

The things I do for my friends.
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