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Since being challenged to write erotic horror I've been doing a little research and I'm forced to conclude that this really is a valid sub genre of romance. Some might argue it's a sub genre of horror as well but I doubt true horror fans would think so. Still, I can't deny the fact that, initially at least, TRUE BLOOD was a popular guilty pleasure because it did mix elements of horror and mystery with an abundance of sex. So I suppose I could claim to have been writing erotic horror or horror romance for years for free. How hard can it be to turn it into a profitable novel? Don't answer that.

TB Scary Sex Bill and LorenaAnyway, my quest for inspiration took me back to where I began, which is to say TBRP.  Not only did I go back and read some of my old SLs, I also went back and watched the early seasons of the HBO series. What struck me was the actual threads of real horror woven into those early plots. It wasn't just sex with fangs the way so much of what purports to be horror romance is. Fangs, or fur or [insert your favorite supernatural characteristic here] do not, in and of themselves, make a horror story. Add so sex and they may make a paranormal romance as long as everyone gets their happily ever after. Horror and an HEA, while not entirely mutually exclusive, are definitely not bosom buddies  Bringing horror and romance together was proving to be quite the challenge until I made the logical connection with TRUE BLOOD. Now that I have, I hope to make much faster progress on my first draft. 

What's holding me up is the lack of a villain. TB did villain extremely well. From Rene to Marianne to Russell, their bad guys were some of the best characters the show had to offer. With those amazing examples in mind, I'm turning my attention this week to my villain. We'll see just who and what I get.

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