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May. 24th, 2014 01:53 pm
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Welcome to kafe ak koulè. Here you will find the collected works of one scribbler's sojourn up and down the river of imagination and dreams. Some of the characters you encounter here may be familiar while others will be completely new. Of course, there will be ramblings of a personal nature, too.

I've never met a button I didn't push or an option I didn't explore (ok, unless they could kill me), so as I am getting things set up, please expect everything to change at least a few times. That's the long version of "pardon my mess". If I like it here, and like you, I may stay. If not, well, let's just say it won't be my first failed experiment. Feel free to poke around while you've got the chance. My security settings will be changing as soon as I get settled and find my peeps. Speaking of which, if you are one of them, or would like to become one of them, be sure to send me a friend request here and hit me up in a messenger if you know where to find me. That's all for now. Hasta la vista, bebe.


May. 17th, 2015 09:08 am
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 I want to write an NCIS New Orleans fanfic...

NCIS New Orleans Cemetery Body
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Captain Jack Harkness Miss me gif 
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Since being challenged to write erotic horror I've been doing a little research and I'm forced to conclude that this really is a valid sub genre of romance. Some might argue it's a sub genre of horror as well but I doubt true horror fans would think so. Still, I can't deny the fact that, initially at least, TRUE BLOOD was a popular guilty pleasure because it did mix elements of horror and mystery with an abundance of sex. So I suppose I could claim to have been writing erotic horror or horror romance for years for free. How hard can it be to turn it into a profitable novel? Don't answer that.

TB Scary Sex Bill and LorenaAnyway, my quest for inspiration took me back to where I began, which is to say TBRP.  Not only did I go back and read some of my old SLs, I also went back and watched the early seasons of the HBO series. What struck me was the actual threads of real horror woven into those early plots. It wasn't just sex with fangs the way so much of what purports to be horror romance is. Fangs, or fur or [insert your favorite supernatural characteristic here] do not, in and of themselves, make a horror story. Add so sex and they may make a paranormal romance as long as everyone gets their happily ever after. Horror and an HEA, while not entirely mutually exclusive, are definitely not bosom buddies  Bringing horror and romance together was proving to be quite the challenge until I made the logical connection with TRUE BLOOD. Now that I have, I hope to make much faster progress on my first draft. 

What's holding me up is the lack of a villain. TB did villain extremely well. From Rene to Marianne to Russell, their bad guys were some of the best characters the show had to offer. With those amazing examples in mind, I'm turning my attention this week to my villain. We'll see just who and what I get.

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The things I do for my friends. *sighs*

I really want a friend to finish a book she's working on. (No, I am not my friend. She's a totally different person and not one living in my head, either.) It's a great idea for a book, she's a wonderful writer and I think finishing it will be very therapeutic for her. So far, so good, right?


*cues the theme to Jaws*

So of course, this is where things start to get...challenging. To say the least.

She's one of those writers who needs external motivation to stay on track. That's right, she needs deadlines set by other people, with other people holding her accountable. 

*I enter, stage right*

I'm another person. I've even been a professional editor. And I am totally convinced the idea she has will be her breakthrough work as well as being totally cathartic. That is, it will be as long as she finishes it by the end of 2014. Are you still hearing Jaws music? I am.

Anyway, being me, and with the best of intentions, we struck a deal. She'll finish her book before Yule. And I'll finish a book of her choice during the same time. I know, stupid of me. I have books in progress that I really should finish. But she doesn't think any of them will really put me on the profitable map. She's convinced, for reasons I don't really understand, that I need to be writing racy romance. And not just any racy romance. She's pushing me to write for Ellora's Cave. in other words: erotic romance. I'm just not sure I want to. Heck, even if I did want to, I'm not sure I can.

*dramatic sigh*

It gets worse, impossible as that might be to believe. It turns out EC has a call for submissions out. Actually, there are three. One of them is for Screamers which are stories about things that go bump in the night, because, let's face it, who doesn't like some lust with their blood and mayhem? Well...me. Maybe. I've been struggling all week to wrap my head around what a horror romance is. And I still don't know. Which makes it really hard to come up with a BIG IDEA for a book that I need to have an ugly draft of by the middle of November. So I should probably get to work.

The things I do for my friends.
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Coming home has yielded some interesting, and unexpected, information. Almost everyone I grew up with is shorter and wider than I remember. I suppose that could mean that I'm taller than I think I am. Maybe I kept growing after high school, which seems strange. I know it's not my shoes. It could be my posture, or theirs. Life has certainly weighed heavy on some of them. Which isn't to say mine has been all sunshine and roses. It hasn't. I just managed to stand tall through it all. Probably because someone told me the worst thing you can do when the world is shooting at you is put your core lower where it's more likely to get hit. In other words, you're more likely to survive a wounded limb that getting shot in the chest, stomach or head. Odd that my survival instincts picked that one up.

Whatever the reason, my memories are taller. And thinner. But that one I understand. No one, well practically no one, is thinner in their 40s than they were in their teens. Just being the same weight, give or take 5 pounds is a great accomplishment. So that we are all a bit wider is not a big surprise. I suppose being wider could account for some of the loss of height. Thin, generally speaking, looks taller. Except when it's my BFF from preschool all the way through high school graduation. Then again, I don't think there has been any change of weight in either direction there.

I don't know what I was expecting when I moved home. What I discovered is that I don't feel like I've changed as much as the people I grew up with have. I don't feel as old as some of them look. Not that I look like a teenager. But some of these people look...old. Like my parents. Now. Not then. My parents then looked way younger than some of my friends do now. Which really ought to scare or disappoint someone. 

I guess I could congratulate myself on aging...well. Of course, I never wanted to grow up so aging well isn't as much of a compliment as not growing up at all. And maybe that's the real reason everyone seemed taller. They loomed large in my life then. Now they are...just people I used to know.

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Earlier today I was speaking with a friend who also happens to be a writer. She has a couple of wonderful books in progress and really needs to finish one before the end of this year (2014 not a year from now). I made the mistake, not just of informing her of that but insisting she needed to get it done before Yule. 

Big Mistake.

Now it seems I'm on the hook to write a paranormal romance. Not a little genre paranormal romance but something more ambitious on the lines of JR Ward or Laurell K. Hamilton. Toping it all off, the ugly draft (or what most people would call the first draft) is due around the middle of November. 


I'm really not sure I'm up to this. But, since she really needs to finish hers and, let's face it, I just need to finish anything, I don't have anything to lose. The concept I'm tentatively going with is my technofae tales, which tackles the paranormal part. The romance is still way up in the air. 

Who am I kidding? Everything is up in the air about this project.

Guess I better get started. 
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So, Change of Plans: seems I'm destined for another winter in the frozen tundra of the middle America. Which sucks, since it's already getting colder. I'm wearing jackets and tights to work. Then again, that could be the lingering effects of the A/C which has been set at frigid all summer. Still. Not happy.

Except I'm sleeping better and feeling more relaxed. Or at least, less anxious which is just as good as more relaxed. It also explains the sleeping. I don't think I'm depressed though that could be an option I suppose. But really, it doesn't feel like depression or even a funk though apparently I was in one before the plans changed.
Sisco Eye Roll

Maybe I was forcing things. I do that. Just forge ahead with things once I've made a decision and (sometimes) contrary to the evidence. It's one of the biggest problems with overthinking. I can twist myself up over just about anything without intending to or even realizing it (ok I usually realize it at some point but can never quite figure our how to stop it). It's also a flaw in my approach to life which has me move towards things that scare me. I can't always tell the difference between scared/excited, overthinking angst and "bad idea/not right now" vibes. And that really sucks, unless you're lucky enough to have someone around to deliver the proverbial smack upside the head and say "um, yeah, no" or "why don't you wait/pause and think this through again?" or whatever it is they do that derails my plans. Fortunately, I have a few of those people in my life.

One of them stepped up this weekend. 

Sure, I could, maybe even should, be upset at the wrench in the works. And this may be nothing more than me making excuses to myself as much as anyone else for the situation. It stings, knowing I care more than I am cared for. If that's true, which I'm not convinced of. Because frankly, if it was totally true, plans wouldn't have changed. I'd be going along my merry moving way and eventually things would blow up in my face as usual. This way I at least avoided the explosion. And it's not that anything has changed. My address is the same. My situation, which is very good (low overhead, decent paying job, limited personal and professional responsibilities, plenty of time and funds for travel and side projects) remains the same. And relationship-wise things are status quo, which is probably best. 

And no, I'm not be facetious or kind. I thrive in long distance relationships. They balance my need for intensity and for solitude. Both of which I need in greater quantities than most people. So sticking with a long distance relationship is...ok. It may even be best though admittedly I do get lonely. More in the summer than in the winter although that may be nothing more than the fact that I really hate getting out of bed in the winter unless I absolutely have to. Give me a pile of books, some interesting projects to work on, some great yarn and lots of coffee and I am a happy camper from November until April/May. Usually. We'll see if that holds true this year. 

So my plans have changed and while I'm disappointed, I can't really be too upset. At least, not until the first snowstorm. Then all bets are off.

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Lately, I've been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. You'd think I'd have a clue by now, but I don't. Not really.

I have a lot of projects underway including;
  • Bad Seed - a cozy mystery novella set in a midwestern boarding school
  • Reality Twisted - my attempt at creating a video game and the related story lines/short stories/graphic novels that go with it
  • Con-fessions - (yeah, the working title sucks) a genre romance ebook set at a pop culture convention
  • The Preternatural Post - my news and information website which is I need to redesign and relaunch because it's currently just a wordpress.com blog and Facebook Page
  • Home is - another genre romance, this time in a small midwestern town
Those are just the ones I can think of. Of course, those aren't the only things on my plate. I also have my various RP characters to keep up with here and elsewhere. And there is my day job, the online community/group I facilitate and assorted related (and unrelated blogs. Oh and did I mention I want to move, interview an award winning artist at a comic con, relaunch a brand, write online help and user documentation for a new client and attend a writer's workshop all in August? Right this moment I'm on my way to a hair appoint then a little local con, neither of which was previously listed.

I may be out of my mind. This level of "busyness" may also have something to do with the difficulty I have achieving my goals and making my dreams come true. I'm working on that though. And now it's time for me to run. I have places to go, people to see and things to do!

OMG I need help
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Lately, it seems, we've seen the end (or impending end) of many of our favorite fangers. It's a sad, sad night when any vampire meets The End, whether it's in a literary or television/film series (or anything else, for that matter). Some may posit that these endings mark the final passing of the pop vampire craze that swept the nation beginning with Twilight. They are wrong. Like the vampires we love, we will take once more to the shadows of pop culture, watching, waiting, until our time comes again. And it will.

As we wait, we are reminded that here in the shadows are where new vampires are born.  

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Recently, I started journaling. Even downloaded a special app just for journaling. It supposedly makes journalling as easy as tweeting, which, frankly I'm not doing much of these days. I guess that means I micro-journal more than I micro-blog though the micro-journal is private just for me and I have like two dozen Twitter accounts for various purposes. And that doesn't include the assortment of blogs and accounts on sites like this. Which raises the question: why? 

Einstein, cluttered desk

I don't really need this many spaces for self-expression. In fact, I would probably do far better with my writing and other creative endeavors if I restricted the places where I posted them. But I would probably lose a good portion of what I created in the past not to mention a fair number of friends who swear by a single platform or two. Yes, some of my friends are smarter than I am. Or, perhaps, just less technologically flexible. Since I am adaptable I seem to hop sites with amazing ease and frequency. Again, I'm not sure it's a good thing, for me or anyone else.

This summer, astrologically speaking is a period of discovering and refocusing one's Life Purpose. If mine is, as I hope, writing, it would seem logical that I need to tighten the controls and get down to the hard stuff: writing consistently and in large quantities. That means not getting distracted and that probably means...you guessed it: paring down the number of sites and networks I am active on. In other words: this is going to hurt because there are things and people I like about each of the spaces I utilize. I have to admit and accept that I can't do it all, all the time, even if I wanted to. And I don't really want to.

I'm starting the purge on Facebook. If I haven't spoken with someone in the last year, chances are I'm going to unfriend them soon. That includes family. The way I see it is that if someone hasn't said anything to me, even after my brother's passing, I really don't need you in my life because you obviously aren't interested in mine. I have an author Page set up and that's where I will push them. I can use it for building up my markets and audiences. I don't need to pretend to like people who don't even try to pretend to like me. I'm also going to start filtering and hiding more things, especially the stuff that annoys me or I don't agree with. Not all of it. I love a good debate. But the folks who flood my news feed regularly or intermittently with beliefs and options I don't share will be muted. They can say what they like. I'm just too busy to wade through all of it.

Once I have Facebook cleaned up I'll start consolidating other sights and characters. Content from those I haven't used will be moved or archived, though in all honesty I probably won't be deleting any because you never know when I may want to pick them up again. Those that remain active will be getting something of makeover. Some may be repurposed. Some may just be tidied up. There is a method to this as I am planning to learn and showcase so new skills as well as collect some of my story lines and unify my characters (some have wandered way out in left field, I need to bring them back in). 

If none of this made any sense to you, don't worry. It was mostly a ramble for me. You were just silly enough to come along for the ride. Hope you enjoyed it. 
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"Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth."
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Thinking
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Little girls sure do grow up fast. In this case, however, growing up really is an infection and what she turns into...well let's just say I don't want it coming to a farm near me! The only good thing I can say about May is that it brings Skinner and Pearl back together, at least for a little while. Sweet pulls off the whole tortured vampire guy with more grace and better hair than Edward or Beehl (Bill Compton) and there's just something about Pearl.... Will the combination be enough to identify and defeat the mysterious Grey Trader and whoever is pulling his strings. Only time will tell.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE is an outstanding comic book/graphic novel created by Scott Synder, & Stephen King. The amazingly adroit art of Rafael Albuquerque and others bring the stories and characters to life in the tradition of great comic books of the past. If you thought the first 41 books were great (I did), AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SECOND CYLCE revs the excitement engine even more. It's a great place to start or return to this fantastic series.


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